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What will you be selling (physical products to ship, or services, virtual products to download)?

What are your preferred colors? (Our design team will use your preferred colors as input to select the perfect suite of complementary colors for your website)
Use the tools on www.colorschemer.com/online.html to select your favorite colors (up to 4.)

Do you have prepared content? (You are responsible for providing content for all pages (Home, About Us, Services, Testimonials, Image / Portfolio Gallery, News/Blog) and if it is a large e-commerce site, please let us know how products will get into the database?

Will product images need to be imported from a source, or data entered manually?

How will you accept online payments?

Do you have a payment gateway yet? (ex: Paypal, Stripe, Zelle, Square, check and/or credit card...)

Will you need to collect tax?

Will you ship internationally?

What shipping carrier will you use?

How will you calculate shipping charges? Flat rate, free shipping, based on order total, calculate through your shipping carrier API?

Do you have any special requirements to the flow of how the shopping cart should work? (ie. does the checkout have to be on 1 page vs more than one page)

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Please tell us if there are any “must haves or special features” you want included: (Ecommerce, Scheduling function, Messaging, Live Chat, Geolocation, Online Bookings, Multi-languages)

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